Mirage 3.5 Master Edition v18 • Dongle

Mirage 3.5 Master Edition v18 • Dongle

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State of the art professional printing
Mirage Professional Print Solutions are milestones, defining new levels in print quality, ease of use and productivity. Mirage is developed, optimized and used by:
Photographers, fine-art printers, print service providers, graphic designers, marketing agencies, layout designers, packaging designers and professional amateurs.
Mirage offers professional and “Prosumer” functionality, all at a cost-effective price point.

Real performance, no hidden costs
The intuitive Mirage user-interface enables you to work fast and efficiently. As native plug-in Mirage offers everything, as it should be: smooth and perfectly scaled gradients, fonts and embedded vector graphics. Mirage comes as plug-in for: Adobe™ Photoshop™, Adobe™ Photoshop™ Elements, Adobe™ InDesign™, Adobe™ Illustrator™ and Adobe ™ Lightroom 5 or as a stand-alone droplet based application.
There are no hidden costs for different printer-sizes, Mirage allows printing to different printers at the same time. Last but not least: We offer a very fair upgrade policy when it comes to upgrades and cross-grades. Our Edition series as well as our Extension series offer a modular, cost-effective approach to expanding the products functionality.


What you see is what you get
Mirage is both, significantly optimizing and simplifiying your printing workflow at the same time. Get rid of wasted media caused by “trial & error” techniques from the past. The Mirage preview window shows exact print results.


Manage your Print Jobs
The Mirage Jobs-Archive enables you to manage already processed jobs perfectly. By simply pressing the Print button, all Jobs stored within the archive can be printed again at any time.
The Mirage Jobs Archive is ideal not only for an uncomplicated reprint, for example of editions of your works, it also allows you, as a Print Service Provider, to make test prints for customers and recreate those prints after his final approval in any quantity requested.


The Mirage Master Edition for Epson supports the following Printer: Pro 3xxx, 4xxx, 7xxx, 9xxx, 11xxx, SC-T3xxx, T5xxx, T7xxx, Epson Stylus Photo R2880 & Epson Stylus Photo R3000, Epson SureColor SC-P600, Epson SureColor SC-P800, P5000, Epson SureColor SC-P6xxx, P7xxx, P8xxx & P9xxx, P100xx & P200xx


Boxed Version + Dongle
The Mirage dongled version enables you to run Mirage on multiple computers. Just attach the USB dongle to the computer you want to run Mirage at. The Mirage dongled versions are delivered as boxed product incl. the Mirage DVD containing the setup software. This version is valid for multiple OS.






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