Godox FL150R LED Pannel 30x120 Flexible -150 W

Godox FL150R LED Pannel 30x120 Flexible -150 W

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FL150R Godox FL series Flexible LED Lights are lightweight, portable, flexible and pliable as pieces of cloth to shape what you want.

Application Designed for interview lighting, film-making, outdoor video recording, still life photography, portrait and other applications, the Flexible LED Lights produce high-quality light with adjustable light brightness and provide easy switching between tungsten and daylight.

Two power supply options You can power you LED Lights by lithium battery (V Port Battery sold separately) or DC Power Supply.

Control The included remote control can set up wireless 6 channels and 16 groups at 433MHz. You can also remotely adjust the lighting parameters through Bluetooth after downloading the “GodoxPhoto” mobile APP.

Adjustable Color Temperature Stepless control of the light output, providing easy switching between tungsten and daylight, and adjustable light brightness.

Various lighting modes Flexible LED Lights are ease to shape what you want without making any noise. Suitable for lighting in small and narrow space.


Included Items:

  •     Flexible LED Light
  •     Controller
  •     Adapter
  •     Power Cord
  •     Foldable X-mount Holder
  •     Light Stand Bracket
  •     RC-A5 Remote Control
  •     Hook & Loop Fastener
  •     Carrying Bag
  •     Original packaging




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