LEE Elements VND 6-9 Stops 82mm

LEE Elements VND 6-9 Stops 82mm

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Designed for photographers and videographers alike, who insist on quality and performance, this new LEE Elements Variable ND Filter is available in convenient 82mm screw-in form, allowing users to achieve 6-9 stops of precise ND adjustment without the need to pack and carry several different ND options.

Fully adjustable to increase or decrease the amount of light entering the lens over a precise six to nine stop range, without affecting the image colour. LEE Elements Variable NDs combine fluid-smooth adjustment rings, with positive end stops and clearly defined stop markers to achieve exactly the desired amount of density adjustment and prevent cross polarisation.

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  • Noir
Type de filtre Filtre gris neutre
Gris neutre Vario ND 1,8-2,7 • 6-9 stops
Diamètre (mm)
  • 82

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