LEE Elements VND 2-5 Stops 67mm

LEE Elements VND 2-5 Stops 67mm

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Designed for photographers and videographers alike, who insist on quality and performance, this new LEE Elements Variable ND Filter is available in convenient 67mm screw in form, allowing users to achieve 2-5 stops of precise ND adjustment without the need to pack and carry several different ND options.

Fully adjustable to increase or decrease the amount of light entering the lens over a precise six to nine stop range, without affecting the image colour. LEE Elements Variable NDs combine fluid-smooth adjustment rings, with positive end stops and clearly defined stop markers to achieve exactly the desired amount of density adjustment and prevent cross polarisation.

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  • Noir
Type de filtre Filtre gris neutre
Gris neutre Vario ND 0,6-1,5 • 2-5 stops
Diamètre (mm)
  • 67

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