Peak Design Travel Tripod • aluminum

Peak Design Travel Tripod • aluminum

Référence: 2202-TT-CB-5-150-AL

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For years, traditional tripods have suffered from needless bulk and wasted space. Peak Design spent 4 years redesigning the tripod from the ground up, creating a travel tripod that packs down to the diameter of a water bottle—without compromising height, stability, or features.

Radically faster to setup and takedown, our tripod features ergonomic adjustment points, built-in mobile compatibility, and thoughtful details at every turn. Plus, it’s built for life on the road: durable, 100% serviceable, and backed by the Peak Design lifetime guarantee.

Tripod includes legs, ballhead, protective soft case, ARCA-compatbile Standard Plate, mobile mount, hex tool with carrying clip, and bushing removal tool for maintenance.

What is in the box :

  • Tripod (Legs + Compact Ball Head) x1
  • Weatherproof Soft Case x1
  • Standard Plate x1
  • 4mm + 2.5 Hex Wrench x1
  • Mobile Mount x1
  • Bushing Removal Tool x1

Weight Alloy: 1.56 kg

Weight Capacity: 9.1 kg

Leg Sections : 5

Groundbreaking Architecture :

Spatially efficient design eliminates wasted volume when packed down. Packs down to the diameter of a water bottle. No protruding knobs.


  • Unique design allows quicker, easier setup/takedown.
  • Secure, fast, and ergonomic camera quick release.
  • Fast-locking, low profile leg cams.
  • Legs deploy in seconds, without having to flip over like traditional travel tripod legs.


  • 20lb weight capacity (optimized for a full-frame DSLR + telephoto lens).
  • Stability and vibration damping performance comparable, if not better, than most tripods in its class.
  • Low and inverted modes position your camera inches off the ground .
  • Integrated load hanging hook .
  • Nonslip, shock-absorbing feet .
  • Anchor attachment points for carrying with Peak Design straps (sold separately).


  • Ultra-smooth, omnidirectional Compact Ball Head.
  • One single adjustment ring. No bulky or confusing knobs .
  • Simple locking ring for total security.
  • Compatible with all PD plates and most 3rd party Arca-type plates.
  • Removable pins allow use with most Arca-type L-brackets .





Plus d'informations sur le produit

Matériel Aluminium
Sections 5
Charge admissible (kg) 9,1
Poids (kg) 1,56
Hauteur maximum (cm) 152,4
Hauteur min (cm) 14
Hauteur max colonne centrale rentrée (cm) 130,2
Dimension fermé (cm) 35,9
Attache rapide
  • Oui
Type de plateau rapide
  • Arca Swiss

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